General Dentistry

General_thumb.jpgWe are here for your routine check-ups and on-going dental treatment as well as your emergencies and cosmetic treatment.  So if you are concerned about any aspect of your oral health, not just cosmetic, we are here for you.  Why not ask our reception team about our Practice Plans for your routine treatment.




Invisalign is an excellent option if you're looking to discreetly and comfortably transform your smile, without anyone knowing.


If you’re considering straightening your teeth, but don’t like the thought of fixed braces, then Invisalign could prove to be the ideal solution. Invisalign uses a series of virtually invisible custom-made aligners that work to gradually straighten your teeth without using any metal wires or brackets. The clear aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth and can be easily removed for eating and brushing your teeth. 


Smile Makeovers

Smile_Makeover_thumb.jpgWe are able to provide full mouth makeovers.  If you want your teeth whitened, changed to veneers, crowns or tooth coloured fillings, or missing teeth replaced with bridges, dentures or implants, we can do all this for you. 


Smile-in-a-Day Implant technique

tdc-banner.gifWe are privileged to be one of three practices in the country that brothers Dr Michael Zybutz and Dr Anthony Zybutz (who have their own practice in Harley Street, London) offer their innovative and life changing Smile-in-a-Day implant technique.