Dental implants are available at our Dover, Folkestone and Peterborough practices.  A dental implant is a titanium metal rod which is placed into the jaw bone and a false tooth is placed on the top. One or more rods can be placed to replace several teeth. Both the rod and the false tooth/teeth are called implants. Implants are a well established, tried and tested treatment which lasts at least 15 years.

Implants can be used to replace one tooth or up to a complete set of teeth. You will need to have a few tests on your jaw bone to assess your suitability for implants. If your jaw bone is not healthy enough, or there is not enough bone at the site of the proposed implant, then you may need to have bone grafting before the implant can be placed.

Placing implants requires a small operation. This is carried out under local anaesthetic with the option of having sedation. You will feel no pain at the time but, as with any surgical procedure, you may feel some discomfort for about a week.

Usually the implants need to bond with the jaw bone for about 3-6 months after they have been placed. A temporary replacement (most commonly dentures) will be made for you to wear throughout the healing period. It can take up to 12 months for the whole process to be completed and longer if bone grafts are needed.

Brand New Service Available

We have a new revolutionary treatment available which enables us to place both the implant(s) and the false tooth/teeth in 1 day! Smile in a Day is available at our TDC Implant Centres, click here for more information. 

Caring for your implants is no more difficult than caring for your own teeth. Clean them as normal, twice a day, as there is still a possibility of getting gum disease as with normal teeth. There may be some areas that might give you problems but you will be shown by the dentist the methods you should use to clean these problem areas.

Most implants can only be placed and removed by the dentist. Complete dentures, on the other hand, are fixed to the implants by bars so you can take them out for cleaning.

You do not need an implant for each missing tooth, only if you have a single tooth replaced. To replace all your teeth in a jaw only 5-6 implants are needed. A rough rule is that one implant can usually support two teeth.

Implants can be damaged in the same way natural teeth can in an accident. They are sometimes more difficult to remove than natural teeth if remnants are left in the bone. After a healing period, your false tooth/teeth can be replaced.

Very rarely an implant does not bond with the bone and it becomes loose during the healing period. If this happens then the implant is removed and your jaw is allowed to heal. After healing another implant can be placed or a bridge can be made with other implants that have bonded with the jaw.

Implants main advantage is they are like having your natural teeth again. To replace a single tooth by implant means that the teeth either side of the gap are left untouched and not cut down to support a bridge. Dentures attached to implants do not move around or fall out when eating or talking like normal dentures can.


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