These days fillings can be natural looking and functional. These can be placed instead of amalgam silver fillings so no-one can notice the fillings when you laugh or smile.

The National Health Service will not usually allow white fillings on the biting surface of the back teeth but they can usually be placed on the sides of the back teeth and the front teeth. In very exceptional circumstances white fillings will be used on all teeth if the patient has a high sensitivity proven to be from silver fillings.

As new materials are becoming available, white fillings are now just as strong as silver amalgam fillings. The life span of a white filling depends on many factors such as how heavy you bite your teeth together and where it is placed in your mouth.

There is no clinical benefit from having your old silver amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings, it is purely cosmetic. You can have them changed at any time but it is usually best to have them changed when an old filling needs replacing. The back teeth are under a lot of pressure when biting together and white fillings are not always successful on these teeth, if this is the case silver amalgam fillings can be replaced with crowns.

White fillings, commonly called composite fillings, are usually made from a combination of glass particles, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient.