Are you taking new NHS patients?

This is something that changes within each practice, from time to time. It can be, however, that a certain dentist may have fulfilled their NHS commitment, so will only be able to see private patients. Again, this can vary frequently. It is recommended, therefore, that you make contact with the practice you'd like to visit, and ask them what their situation is at the time you are looking to make a booking.

Please note that Peterborough is a Private only practice so will not be able to accommodate NHS patients.


How long will it take to secure an appointment?

Obviously, this will differ from practice to practice and even Dentist to Dentist, as it will depend how busy they are and how far in advance they are booked. This will also depend on whether you are wanting an NHS or Private appointment. Due to the high demand of patients already on our NHS database, these appointments will need to be booked further in advance. Fortunately, most Dentists are able to offer fairly short waiting times for all types of private treatment, occasionally even immediate treatment, if we have a cancellation.


What are the current NHS charges?

If you or your partner is in one of the following categories you may qualify for FREE NHS dental treatment or partial exemption from NHS charges:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • Under 19 and in full time education
  • Expectant mothers and mothers of children under one year
  • Family receiving Income Support or Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • In receipt of Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • In receipt of Guarantee Credit Pension Credit
  • Holders of valid NHS tax credit exemption certificates and holders of HC2 and HC3 exemption certificates

Proof of benefit or circumstances is required at the point of treatment.

NHS charges are fixed by the government and those patients who pay for their treatment will pay for it depending on what treatment you need. Currently there are three bands of treatment:

  1. Band 1 costs £19.70 for an examination, X-rays, Oral Hygiene Instructions and cleaning if clinically necessary
  2. Band 2 costs £53.90 for the above fee and any dental treatment not requiring dental laboratory work e.g. Fillings, Extractions or Root Canal Treatment
  3. Band 3 costs £233.70 and this would include both of the above and/or laboratory work if it is required e.g. Dentures, Crowns, Bridges and Bite Plates.

For NHS treatment, you will be asked to pay the appropriate Band fee in advance of receiving treatment and Private treatment fees are payable as you go but we may take deposits for long appointments or in advance for lab work, so please be prepared to pay when requested.


What if I have tooth ache?

We do not like to know that any of our patients suffer with pain, and so we make every effort to try to see our patients as quickly as possible in an emergency. If you have pain that needs this type of urgent attention, be sure to phone your practice as early in the morning as you can to see if you can secure the first available emergency treatment times. Out of hours, you can call the following numbers:

  • Folkestone and Dover - 01634 890300 (Dentaline)
  • Hastings - 01424 850792 (Dentaline)
  • Peterborough - 01733 314131 (answer machine will have up-to-date information)
  • NHS direct - 111 (for help and advice)


Will I know what to expect to pay for private treatment?

We provide service to our clients transparently and without pressure. Your Dentist will discuss various treatment options suitable for you and you will be given a full treatment plan which will thoroughly outline what your complete treatment is and how much it will cost. No treatment should be undertaken without your prior consent.

Click here to see our Patient Consent Policy


Do you offer finance?

For private treatments over £500 we offer interest free finance that you can spread over 12 months. For larger treatment plans over £1500 we offer interest-bearing finance at a competitive rate that you can spread between 2 and 5 years. This is subject to credit checks, but is usually processed promptly, within 24 hours.


How will I know that my Dentist will provide excellent treatment?

We are extremely fortunate to have a highly skilled team of Dentists who provide outstanding clinical treatment. It goes without saying that they are all registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and have therefore met the requirements to practice competently in the UK. They attend courses through a mandatory programme for continuous professional development which assists them in continually achieving new levels of success. They are supported by a very organised team of Dental Nurses, Receptionists and Managers who ensure that levels of service are consistently high. Because we have a large pool of Dentists, each with their own areas of special interest, it means you can complete various treatment options without having to be referred out of the practice.

You can check the qualifications and current registration of any dentist and dental assistant on the GDC website by following this link - GDC Website


What about confidentiality?

This is a matter we take very seriously and ensure that we abide by strict legal guidelines. Only staff members have access to patient information. If you would like to see a copy of this policy, please ask at your relevant reception.

Click here to see our Data Protection Policy


What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We realise that in certain circumstances it is not possible to keep your appointment. However we'd ask that, wherever reasonable, you would give us 24 hours notice. We may charge a levy for missed or late appointments, or if it is a regular occurrence you may lose your NHS space, as we need to ensure treatment time, that is valuable to others, is not wasted.

Click here to see our Failed Appointments Policy


What happens if I am not happy?

If you've been pleased with your treatment please recommend us to others and let us know on our contact forms. If however, you have not been satisfied, we encourage you to discuss this with the Dentist or Practice Manager who will help you and if necessary, follow through with our Complaints Procedure. If you are not comfortable to do this, why not write, in confidence, to the General Manager who will deal with the matter personally.

Click here for our Complaints procedure